X-Message-Number: 17906
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 08:45:00 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Nothing vs "Nothing"

David Pizer, #17902, wrote:

> >From: Mike Perry <>
> >My advice is, don't worry about it. Empty space is "nothing" yet particles
> >can spontaneously form in it. Calling it "nothing" should not be taken too
> >absolutely.
>How can a particle spontaneously form in nothing?  Wouldn't it make more
>sense to think that a particle formed from some cause that we don't yet
>understand, but not from nothing?
>How does empty space qualify as nothing?  Can't you think of volume in
>empty space?   For instance one cubic foot of dirt would fit into one cubic
>foot of empty space?
>If empty space has volume then it is not nothing.

You misunderstand my intent here, which was not to argue that something can 
form from nothing but to suggest that, even though we think of space as 
"nothing" (please note the quotation marks!) it really isn't, and we should 
not waste effort pondering how something can form from nothing. I do say, 
"calling it 'nothing' should not be taken too absolutely," and stand by that.

Mike Perry

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