X-Message-Number: 17909
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 17:20:50 -0700
From: Jessica Lemler <>
Subject: Alcor Forum

Thank you to Charles Platt for posting the Alcor Forum on your website.  As
of now, I am unable to post the Forum because of the format in which it was
sent to me.  The programs I am using, Microsoft Front Page and Cute FTP do
not allow me to upload .pdf files-- I have tried to upload the file from
the disk that was sent to me, but the software I am working with does not
support this type of file upload.  In the meanwhile, I will link from the
Alcor website to Charles Platt's homepage, where he has graciously provided
access to the Alcor Forum, so our members and non-members alike can view
the latest newsletter-- we are all quite proud to have a newsletter again,
and want to provide access to it from our website.  Thanks again, Charles,
and perhaps we can speak further on the issue of how to get it posted on
the Alcor site, or maybe someone may even know how to go about doing this!
Jessica Lemler
Administrative Associate/ Webmaster
Alcor Life Extension Foundation

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