X-Message-Number: 17924
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 14:23:37 -0800
Subject: Re: Pizers Questions


From: Michael Riskin

Do you believe in free will at the conscious level? 

If so, you believe that you can, for example, make a decision to do
something that is not always predicable, no matter what resources the
guesser may have at its' disposal, now or any time in the future. Thats
something happening without a certain and identifiable cause. 

If you dont believe in free will ( or if it doesnt exist) nothing else
of relevance exists or matters except that during consciousness you feel
better or worse. 

Do you believe in free will but only at the Human level? That also may
mean that something can exist from nothing. 

Or does free will exist at all levels of consciousness? That means there
never was a cause. It just always was. 

Finally, I dont see why the typical frustrated answer to these questions
is that an apparant impossibility exists. Impossibilities can't exist.
But yet they seem to. The other more likely possibility is that we are
incapable of figuring it out, let alone understanding it, even if it
were thrown in our faces, which it probably is.

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