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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:43:01 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: advertizement

Billions of people on this planet, 
And yet I am so alone.
Wracked with pain, save only for the precious morphine,
Which I embrace six times a day,
And each day a little larger dose,
And yet I so hate - for allowing me exist another day.

Once I craved life - immortality!
Now I long for death.
My suspension arrangements, long canceled,
Relatives had me change the beneficiary when I was having a bad day.
Its been so long since I had a good one, 
I have forgotten what they are like.

Strangers treat my festering bed sores.
A button is pinned to my pillow,
I could not push it if I wanted to.
Why would I want to,
That would only extend my miserable life
For a little longer.
What has happened to make me forfeit my ache for life?
I used to shiver with excitement.
Now all I do is ache.
And, quiver in fear.
How did I go from lust for life to wanting it to all be over?
It seems like it happened in such a short time.
At least short in relation to all those years I loved life and craved
Why was there not someone who understood me there when I needed them?
Where is a person I can call friend now?
Now all I see, through my morphine fog, are strangers,
And to them, my living is an imposition,
As it has also become to me.

I don't remember changing my mind all at once.
I can't even remember making the little changes,
Yet here I am,
No longer the person I used to be.
No longer any chance of waking up in the future,
And the irony is that I no longer give a damn.

How much longer can these strangers keep the fluid in my lungs down?
How long until I suffocate in my own pus?
How much more pain and misery, and fear must I endure?
I hope that this time when I shut my eyes,
They will never again open.
I can no longer endure life.

Gee, maybe I should have retired in VentureVille.


We have broke ground on a small resort that will be open to the public and
used for conferences, vacations, business meetings, philosophal debates, etc.

The resort should be open in July of 2002.

Then, if cash flow allows, and/or other certain things happen, we would
like to start designing plans for a cryonics community in the same area a
year or so later.

When the resort opens, I would like to hire cryonicists to help me run the
resort.  This would be work as cooks, waiter/waitress, reservation clerk,
maids, repairperson.  Perhaps also as horseback riding guides, horse
caretakers, & hiking leaders.  We may also provide jeep tours and need
drivers (You get to wear a cowboy hat and talk like you are from Texas).
At first two or three persons would have to wear many hats.  I would prefer
people who would like to use their spare time, after work, to volunteer to
help the cryonics movement and the Venturist organization in its potential
projects of public relations, putting out a commercial magazine, building
up the membership, doing radio & TV interviews, helping people store their
personal effects until reanimation day, help explain trusts for people who
will go in suspension that want to have assets when they come back, (we
will help people get ready to set them up but a commercial trust company
[deep pocket company] manages the trusts, and a trust attorney will set
them up), and whatever else can be done to help make cryonics work.

This would be a chance to work and live with other cryonicists and be in
the start up when the cryonics community is planned and built.  Or as I
might say when waxing philosophic - a chance to change the world.

Anyone interested in employment, or other issues can contact me at


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