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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Kudos to Charles Platt for the Alcor Forum
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 06:37:43 

I just wanted to say publicly how much I enjoyed Charles Platt's new ALCOR 
Forum.  And I am grateful to the ALCOR leadership for giving him this 
position.  Charles is very enlightening with his brief articles.  I hope to 
see many more editions!

I very much liked the insider's view on the ALCOR board meeting.  Michael 
Riskin sounds like one thorough fellow when it comes to money, so I'm glad 
he's there.  And not here in Alaska as an IRS auditor! lol

I had to laugh when I read how Dr. Lemler gave Linda Chamberlain a plaque 
inscribed with, "First Lady and Matriarch of Biostasis!"  How true that is.  
: )  My best wishes to Linda as she battles her cancer.  Kick it's butt(you 
too Natasha)!!!

I am glad to see ALCOR staff members will be getting raises!  I have 
sometimes wondered how well they get by in the world.  And considering how 
extremely well educated some of them are, I could see them making much more 
money on the outside.   Mike Perry and Hugh Hixon both really come to mind 
on this.  But, I realize for them and the rest of the ALCOR staff, the jobs 
are more an act of love than anything else.

The update on 21st Century Medicine was very appreciated.  I had wondered 
what they were up to!  It sounds like Saul Kent's triad of new companies are 
being well-lead.  Good luck to you, Saul!  Soon it will be time to lay the 
smackdown on Viaspan!  ;  )

ALCOR's resident engineering wizard,Hugh Hixon, has developed a new method 
of neuroseparation and washout which can be done in the field.  And it was 
actually done at a California mortuary.  I did not quite understand if the 
procedure was done at the mortuary by the mortician or ALCOR people.  If 
done by the morticians, this is a step in the classic CI direction.  But, 
done in the ALCOR high-tech way.

One thing I learned about in the article is that an accidental death usually 
results in an autopsy.  I somehow didn't realize this!  I am going to have 
to be much more careful in the future as I tear through traffic on my 
bicycle.  I have come close to disaster a couple of times...

Brian Wowk's article about CPR during cryopreservation was fascinating to 
me.  I was not aware CPR was of use to cryonics.  The whole idea of CPR 
without the heart being started up(to avoid legal problems) was novel to me.

The liquid ventilation technique is such an impressive step forward!  It 
definitely beats the old messy ice bath in terms of getting the job done 
quickly.  Though, there was something about the old way which reminded me of 
a religious ritual.  Maybe, more Egyptian then Christian. lol

I was very surprised to see the Cryonics Institute has a section just for 
them!  It was good to see.  Finally, Robert Ettinger has returned from sunny 
Alcor-Land to preside over his organization.  All that sunlight just can't 
be good for you! lol

Another sad tale was told at the CI anniversary meeting about a longtime 
cryonicist who in the end drifted away from the movement, and his family had 
him buried.  A book could be written about all the times this has happened.

Treasurer Pat Heller spoke at the meeting and said total assets are roughly 
two million dollars.  TWO MILLION BUCKAROO'S!!!  Actually, considering all 
the people and effort involved to make CI what it is today, that is so 
little money.  But, much has been done with it.  I just think all the time 
of all the military and civilian gov't machines and projects which cost 
infinitely more.  If only we had access to a government feeding nipple!

Dr. Yuri Pichugin is now hard at work in his new laboratory, which has been 
set up away from the main CI facility.  I'm very glad of this, because as 
all avid movie watchers know,  research labs for unorthodox science usually 
result in a fiery nightmare.  Of  course, Dr. Pichugin would crawl out from 
the wreckage having been horribly scarred, but endowed with super-human 
powers.  He would then get a horrific revenge on all his enemies!

I was very saddened to learn Robert Ettinger will be stepping down this year 
as head of CI.  This will be a historic event in my view.  I hope the formal 
affair is videotaped.  I already know what my retirement gift will be.  I 
hope Mr. Ettinger likes to cook!

I was touched to see Robert Ettinger bring up James Swayze in the same 
speech in which he announced his retirement.  James is fortunate to have 
such a friend in his corner.  I still have faith in the end(hopefully not 
too far from now) the needed money will be raised.

CI seems to be growing by leaps and bounds according to David Pascal.  Over 
two-hundred new members since 1998!  Watch out ALCOR!  This is an impressive 
stat.  And CI is now going to create a Board of Advisors so it can have it's 
own personal braintrust.  Hmmm...  Now, whose footsteps could they be 
following in here?

I can understand why Charles Platt wants sponsors to carry the cost of the 
mailings.  But, since raising money can be hard, I hope he will consider 
having it as a strictly online forum.  I just want to to last a long time 
around here!!

Charles, an excellent job!  Thank you!  Please, keep it coming!

best wishes,


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