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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: My answers for Shawn...
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 03:32:54 

Welcome Shawn!,

I am by no means one of the experts here, but I will give you my .02 cents 
worth.  My answers come from having read too many extrolist posts!

1)  When will virtual immortality be here?

I assume by "virtual" you mean uploading?  If so, I would put the date 
around 2030, or maybe even much later.  But, then I consider uploading to be 
one of the more difficult technologies to be developed in the 21st century.  
I could see uploading being developed most likely after a "singularity" has 
happened, and self-improving AI is on the job.  Most people now put the date 
for that at roughly 2025.  Predictors on the extrolist say they think it 
will happen much sooner now, rather then later.

Now, if by virtual immortality you meant, "indefinite lifespan," then 
perhaps an optimistic answer would be 2020.  Things seem to be progressing 
so fast in biotech.  And the money and resources needed seem to an extent to 
be showing up.  I think Linda Chamberlain would agree with me on this point. 
  At least I think so based on comments she made on "The Alcor Adventure" 
video.  I'm sure Damien Broderick could give us some enlightening pointers 
too.  After all, he wrote, "The Last Mortal Generation," which just might 
include you and me.

2)  When will nanotech revive cryopreserved patients?

I also see this answer depending on when the self-improving AI singularity 
occurs.  For some reason I used to see cryo-reanimation always happening in 
the much later half of the twenty-first century.  But, now I see it being 
around 2040 at the very latest.  I envision even self-improving AI maybe 
needing a decade to help human doctors figure out how to properly bring us 
back! lol  And they should be here by 2030 at the latest(I hope).

I look forward to waking up from biostasis and having a guessing game with 
the people and machines around me as to what year it is.

"Is it the year 2040?"






"After 2050?"




"Ye...., no!"

"I give up!"

"So do I, grandpa!"  "You were only taking a nap!"  "Science advanced so 
quickly you never actually had to be frozen, remember?"  But, grandma says 
you were actually disappointed on some level because it worked out that way, 
and you envied those who got big parties after coming back!"  "C'mon 
grandpa, it's time for dinner!"

"Well, it was a pretty convincing dream I had."

And then John Grigg gets up from the sofa in the year 2037, at the age of 
seventy, and eats dinner with a body far more capable and even younger 
looking then the one he has now.  The appearance of grandparenthood has 
indeed changed.  He looks around at his wonderful mate and thinks how good 
life is.  Then, he asks his granddaughter to turn off her cerebral netlink 
so she can engage in regular dinner conversation with the rest of the 

best wishes to all,


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