X-Message-Number: 17943
From: "Pat Clancy" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 14:41:49 -0800
Subject: Re: My answers for Shawn...

> I assume by "virtual" you mean uploading?  If so, I would put the date 

> around 2030, or maybe even much later.  But, then I consider uploading to be 

> of the more difficult technologies to be developed in the 21st century.  I 
> see uploading being developed most likely after a "singularity" has happened,

> and self-improving AI is on the job.  Most people now put the date for that at
> roughly 2025.  Predictors on the extrolist say they think it will happen much
> sooner now, rather then later.

I think you need to add a "0" to all your estimates (including cryonics revival)
 except for AI, where you can replace the number by "infinity".

You don't seriously believe there will be an uploading technology in 29 
years??! I've got $1000 that says there's no _inkling_ of an uploading 
technology in 2030 - or "AI" by 2025 for that matter.

Pat Clancy

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