X-Message-Number: 17947
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 00:46:29 EST
Subject: Immortality: Why don'tmore people know???

I've been reading about sciences like biotechnology, nanotechnology, AI, and the
like that many people feel will create near-immortality in the very near 
future.  If this is the case, why/how don't more people know of this being 
imminent?  By this I mean if many people alive today could potentially become 
immortal, don't you think this would be front-page news at least at some point?
I'm not saying that it won't happen, I just don't understand how, if this is 
really coming, more people aren't aware of such, and why more mainstream people 
don't seem to publicize this?  The only things I've found in the mainstream 
press on the topic is the possibility that people in the far off future (around 
the beginning of the 22nd century) will be the first generation with the 
possibility.  Thanks for the info.

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