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Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 16:40:22 -0700
From: Jessica Lemler <>
Subject: This Week At Alcor

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Week of November 12 through 18, 2001 

Hugh Hixon, Facilities Engineer
Friday, work on a Cryonet post. With Mike Perry, take an LN2 fill, with some
minor special effects for a Brazilian video crew. Do interview with video
Monday, administrative stuff, run down a cite on ice-inhibiting proteins.
Defrost refrigerator freezer. Check with vet on antibiotics for perfusate. 
Tuesday, more reading on antibiotics. Try not to catch a cold. Muscle the used
oxygen cylinder from the ambulance. 
Wednesday, respond to a proposal. 
Thursday, more on proposal. Make up an abbreviated timeline on our last

Joe Hovey, Accounting Manager 
More time taken up with organizing and sorting my accumulated papers for my
to new quarters, and I'm not done yet. I hate moving! 
Managed to balance the bank statements for October. The usual bank deposits,
data entry, etc. Still working on the accounts payable and accounts receivable
issue with BioTransport and Cells4Life. (We owe them money, they owe us money,
the amounts are virtually identical. It sounds simple, but in fact the
resolution is more complicated than it first appears). 
Received more tax forms from the state of California to be filled out. We
already submitted these forms to them last July! Sent them copies. 
The new liability insurance policy for officers and directors has been
now I have to fill it out. 
I have been trying to contact Morgan Stanley about our new credit card
processing accounts. They have not been returning my calls. Not a good sign. 
American Express has credited us back all the unauthorized charges that were
made on our card last August. Good news. 

Mike Perry, PhD., Patient Care Assistant 
This week I finished the "Tech News" column for the magazine, checked over
other, previously written articles to make last-minute changes, and sent these
materials to our editor, Lisa Lock. Otherwise there was busy work, for
proofreading documents to be emailed. On Thursday I met with Jim Medlin, a
Labview programmer who might do some contract work for us, and discussed some
mathematical work I had done for automated tracking of cryoprotectant
concentrations during perfusion. That was also the day that ADT showed up to
install our new security system and I helped deal with them, among other
making sure that Aido was safely not under foot. 

Jessica Lemler, Administrative Associate/Webmaster
Another week has gone by already? I'm not really sure where my time is going!
This week I have busied myself working on articles for the Fourth Quarter of
our magazine and helping Dr. Lemler with his correspondence. I have also been
in contact with the advertising department of a newspaper we are planning to
place an advertisement with, trying to figure out the best way to transfer our
proposed ad to them. I linked the Alcor Forum to the website (many, many
to Charles Platt!). Additionally, I spent a little bit of time working on the
planning of the upcoming Cryofeasts-- hope you can make it! They should be
of fun for all! (By the way, I have Aido in my office today so he does not get
in the way of the ADT people, who are installing our new security system) =)

Paula Lemler, Volunteer 
The bills just keep coming, so once again I wrote checks, filed receipts, and
filled in a spread sheet. Dues continue to pour in, too, so I am also busy
entering them into the data base. I have been working very hard on the dues
deposits and am almost finished with October. Hope everyone has a great

Dr. Jerry Lemler, President, CEO
I've been a bit under the weather this week, but am starting to feel
considerably better and am certainly on the mend. I do feel a lot safer and
more secure as on Thursday the ADT Company began installing Alcor's vastly
improved alarm and camera system throughout the building. 
Most of this week has been devoted to technical meetings in anticipation of a
major technical capability planning session scheduled for next Tuesday. This
will be an important event, and I will have more to say about it and what it
portents for our cryotransport capabilities in the next few weeks. 
I booked my flights to the inaugural Alcor East Coast Cryofeast to be
hosted by
Lisa Lock and Michael Seidl in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, Dec 1st. 
Have a great week, and stay away from the flu if you can. 

Mathew Sullivan, Facility Operations Manager &Patient Care Manager
Project Future Bound UK and Canada continues as follows: 
1. Continued with the construction of eight ATP tubing plate frames. This
particular aspect of the project is almost complete, and all that remains
is to
make and install the clot filter brackets. In the past, Hugh was the primary
builder of the bracket, and I hope to borrow some of his time in the near
so I can extract his techniques. 
2. Shopped for supplies and picked up a tubing plate bracket, which holds the
plate to the Pelican case. 
Progress has been slowed recently due to some unavoidable email distractions. 
Spent a little time reviewing our cryotransport checklist. My primary focus
been to reorganize the "Preparation for CryoPerfusion" checklist, such as
listing items to be cleaned before we start to lay out material, and to track
down coordination material and checklists. 
Met with an electrical engineer for LabVIEW to discuss the possibility of
contracting out some work. What I would like to do is hire a contractor on a
temporary basis to solve the major issues, similar to what we did with the
system, then go back and work with the minor issues in-house. Yet, I question
whether we can afford to do this at $120/hr. With a little searching, maybe we
can find a better deal. 
Facility Operations: 
Took ambulance and van in to the auto shop to be serviced. 
Spoke with the property management company about various issues which need
to be
taken care of, such as finishing the painting of the parking lot lines, and
re-labeling the suite number on the glass which had been previously broken. 
I also spoke with a two contractors to get details on bids for neuro pod
production. The cost will be around $4,500 for four neuro pods and a center
column. For those who do not know, a neuro pod is similar to a whole body pod,
but it has shelving and individual doors for each neuro can. Each neuro pod
holds ten neuro cans. The center column is placed is placed at the center
of the
neuro pod suite, and holds five neuro cans. 

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