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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 16:57:55 -0500
From: Kitty Antonik <>
Subject: Re: #17953: statins--possible negatives? [Ettinger]
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> Message #17953
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> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 20:49:16 EST
> Subject: statins--possible negatives?
> Recent publicity touts the benefits of statins for risk of heart attack and
> stroke.However, a web site called <medicalreasoning.com> contains the
> following. Who has written this is undisclosed, or at least I have not been
> able to find it.
> >As of this writing, no study has shown statins or any other cholesterol
> drugs to lower overall mortality in women
> >No studies have examined the impact of statins in randomized trials in those
> over age 75. Epidemiological studies show >higher cholesterol to be
> protective, rather than harmful, in this age group, so it cannot be assumed
> that lowering >cholesterol confers benefit exceeding risk. Low cholesterol
> may be a risk factor for heart arrhythmias, which are the >leading cause of
> death if heart attacks occur; and in the elderly, a heart rhythm abnormality
> called atrial fibrillation, that >may be increased with low cholesterol, is a
> particularly important risk factor for stroke in the older elderly. It is
> possible >that there are subgroups of those over age 75 for whom statins
> confer benefit exceeding risk, but this has never been >demonstrated. This
> would most likely be the case in persons at very high risk of death from
> heart disease, who are at >comparatively low risk for other illness and
> injury.

[snip re. statins]
> >Also, a number of studies have shown that people with naturally low
> cholesterol, or those on drugs to lower cholesterol, >have higher rates of
> death from suicide and accidents.
> Any expert comment?

Coincidentally, today (Saturday 11/17) a poster to LEF Forums asked
about low cholesterol since his had "plummeted" to 70 mg (he didn't
provide sufficient detail; ie. HDL, LDL, triacylglycerols).  He also
wanted to know the value of cholesterol in maintaining good health.  Tom
Matthew's response should provide him - and others - with a good
understanding of the role of this steroid precursor.

Also, the subject of cholesterol and statins have been discussed
numerous times from different aspects on several of the 9 forums (24
hits with a search for the two together); July 1999 the first and
latest, Nov 13 2001.  In addition, a search of Google groups
(http://groups.google.com) under sci.life-extension, sci.med.nutriton,
and sci.med will turn up many threads on this subject.


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