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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 03:32:57 -0800
From: American Cryonics Society <>
Subject: September Periaston excerpts on ACS website

ACS has just published excerpts from the latest issue of
Periastron, by noted writer Thomas Donaldson, on our website.
Below is a complete index for this issue. Starred articles are
published in full on the website.

1 September 2001 -- Volume 6, Number 5

 Immortality and Our Future                         
 What Is It?                                        
 How Memories in Our Brains                         *
 A New Idea for Hydrogen Fusion                     *

 Science Reports

      Protection Against Brain Damage               
      Different (and Similar) Brain Structure
                      for Individuals               
      New Neurons for Adults                        
      Brain Activity for New Memories              

 A Precis for Rushed Readers                        *
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