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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 09:29:14 EST
Subject: Re: Something Not Nothing

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> Yvan Bozzonetti says
> >We see some matter here simply because the Universe age is finite and
> >gravitation propagates at a finite speed, so the potential negative energy
> >has not expanded up to the infinite and can't cancel the positive local 
> mass.
> It rather sounds as if you're saying that, given enough time, all the 
> particles will find matching antiparticles with appropriate photons and 
> mutually annihilate, then space will truly be empty and nothing will exist. 
> A corollary would then seem to be that we cannot have immortality, at least 
> not unless we find some way to escape the bounds of this universe (some 
> possibilities are discussed in my book). Such a doomsday scenario cannot be 
> ruled out, but has not been demonstrated either, and our understanding of 
> cosmology is clearly in a state of flux. But aside from all this, I 
> maintain that something that can develop into our universe, whatever that 
> something was or will become, is not simply "nothing."

Well, indeed I think we can't get immortality. Depending on the space we are 
in, we can live as long as itself, may be 10^37 or something as 10^100 years. 
I understand there is an enormous difference between these two values, but 
even the smallest is incredibly long when put against the current age of the 
space we see.

On the anti matter side:  I don't think matter would be anihilated by anti 
matter, simply over such long periods any proton and neutrons would 
disintegrate into neutrinos and positons, The anti matter destruction would 
take place between these positons and the electrons. Neutrinos would be 
shifted down in energy by space expansion, if they have no rest mass they 
would be cancelled by that process, if they have a rest mass, all would 
remains of the matter in the Universe would be cold neutrinos.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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