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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 00:17:42 +1030
From: William Henderson <>
Subject: reality check for truths sake

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Message #17976
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 21:24:05 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: MWI and waves

Perry: Again, identity of indiscernibles makes it unnecessary to assume
more than one *identical* copy of you exists at any given instant
the full implications of this are rather profound).

Yes the implicaions of this are profound! What a frightening specture it
is to see that once rational researchers are going so far out of the
limb of impluasibility. Come on! Even one identical copy of me is
rediculous. Look, if you want to postulate other universes to help with
your wave theory OK, but where oh where is that dependable scientific
RATIONALITY. Duplicates of every human being on some duplicate planet in
some duplicate solar system? Please wake up and smell the roses! The
problem I think is that theory has gone too far without DEFINITE
evidence to corelate the direction of the theory. Perhaps the guidelines
of evidence for the foundations of a theory needs to be revised as we
try to go into the paradoxical world of quantum waves. I think I need to
here remind everyone of an ancient theory that was proved through
philosopy and deuction to be true even though in reality it was not. I
can't quite remember the theorist name form my first year in philosophy,
something like, Heracules. He put forward the theory that a hare could
never catch up to a tortois of the tortois had a small head start. It
took a hundred years before the theory could be proved wrong. The
problem with what we are theorising about today is that we don't have
the over view of rationality that says, 'of course in reality the hare
would easily catch and pass the hare'. So our theories could go into the
rediculous as Heracules did, only without us knowing it. To postulate
duplicates of us existing to substantiate a theory needs a long step
back and a pause of rationality, no matter what the theorist THINK the
evidence may be. Come on guys: REALITY CHECK PLEASE.
William Henderson.


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