X-Message-Number: 17985
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:42:23 -0500
From: Keith Henson <>
Subject: Re: Never, Never, Never! (Earthlink)

in Message #17974 Dave Pizer wrote:

>Hi CryoFriends:
>Considering internet service?  I recommend that you NEVER sign up for
>service with Primenet, or Global Crossings.  Just when I figure there is no
>possible way they could get any worse, they find a way to get worse.  (At
>least they are clever).

I don't know about Global Crossing(s) but Primenet was bought out by 
Earthlink so you are really dealing with them.  Now, Earthlink is not 
exactly a scientology company, but the Chairman is and it has a long 
history of deep influence by scientology.  In fact, its original Earthlink 
funding was Ponzi scam money from scientologist, Reed Slatkin, 
www.slatkinfraud.com.  Slatkin may hold the record for the largest Ponzi 
scam on record, $500 million. To get a little closer to Arizona, another 
scientologist, Benjamin Franklin Cook (now in jail) ran a $40 million 
dollar investment scam.  http://www.slatkinfraud.com/cook_01.htm  And more 
here http://www.slatkinfraud.com/scandals.shtml  About one in 250 
scientologists are in federal prison, mostly for fraud.

One of the many reasons scientology is a training ground for white collar 
crime is that the people in it are selected out for being 
suggestible.  They are ready made fraud victims to train on.

>I would switch, but I am planning to move soon and when I do, I will sign
>up with a new service company.

You will want to research who you are signing with, especially for long 
term stability.

Keith Henson

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