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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 16:14:57 -0700
From: Jessica Lemler <>
Subject: This Week at Alcor!

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Week of November 19 through 25, 2001
 Mike Perry, PhD., Patient Care Assistant 
This week I worked on pictures for ALEFI (the update of CRFT). This required
some digging around in our picture files as well as scanning and
retouching. The
work was finished Monday (Nov. 19) to meet a Tuesday deadline. Another project
(still ongoing, somewhat) was to look up information for Sergio Myers of 7
Ponies in L. A., who is doing a documentary on cryonics. I also collected
information for a future Tech News column; as usual, a lot is happening
here. On
Tuesday I attended a meeting with other staff, along with the board and
advisors, to address the issue of how to assess and improve Alcor's suspension
capabilities, by possibly calling in outside expertise. (Further details
be forthcoming.) Aido is doing well, having made peace with ADT, who are
finishing their security system installation this week. 

Joe Hovey, Accounting Manager 
Finally heard from Morgan Stanley. Our new credit card accounts are
approved and
the necessary equipment should be installed in two weeks. Very good news. This
will help enormously in making it easier for our members to cover things like
emergency standby expenses. 
Board meeting on Tuesday. Received approval for resolving the longstanding
accounts payable, accounts receivable dispute between Alcor and Cells4Life.
Should get it wrapped up today or Friday. The main subject of the meeting
is the
mechanism for getting technical assistance from current Alcor members in 21st
Century Medicine and associated companies for our suspension team. Looks very

Mathew Sullivan, Facility Operations Manager &
Patient Care Manager
Not much to talk about this week considering I have only two working days, and
now I have a mild cold that has been going around here at Alcor. Most of my
has been focused on discussing our current protocols and procedures in need of
improvement via email. Plus, I'm trying to track down some toner for our fax
machine, which is now bone dry. There must be a problem with the manufacturer
because everyone seems to be out. 

Jennifer Chapman, Membership Administrator
This week I received an initial draft of some proposed changes for our updated
database system. After reviewing the submission, I presented my suggestions to
the individual managing the project. In particular, we discussed the
inconsistency that exists between the standard format of domestic and
international addresses. With this being the case, it is difficult to monitor
the data integrity under the current proposal. We are considering an
alternative structure that may be more suitable for our overall objective.
After several revisions, the updated emergency wallet cards have been printed
and are available for release. It is intended that minor changes to the
of these cards will significantly improve their effectiveness. Perhaps when
local volunteer returns from vacation, we can coordinate a mailing and ensure
that all of our members receive these improved wallet cards. 
Speaking of our local volunteer, I have earned a new appreciation for his
presence. In his absence, I have undertaken some of his typical
responsibilities, such as processing a variety of requests for information and
coordinating several mailings for our CryoFeast gatherings. Although not
difficult, these mailings are time-consuming and involve addressing, stuffing,
sealing, and stamping a multitude of envelopes. 
I have also been writing various articles for the upcoming issue of our
quarterly magazine this week. Composing my book review for  Nanotechnology
Playhouse  has been particularly enjoyable. I find this publication similar to
a brief dose of knowledge that is careful not to overwhelm the reader. I
believe it will serve as an excellent source of introductory literature for
prospective clients who are interested in expanding their general knowledge of
nanotechnology, which is necessary for understanding the feasibility of

Hugh Hixon, Facilities Engineer
Friday, talk with Jeff Benjamin about priorities and interim findings. Look
through videotape records on a legal matter. 
Monday, copy videotape of video clips. Copy Dr. Lemler on some technical
Compose a message on viability considerations, including some calculations.
Benjamin came by with some reduced data on the last suspension, and we talked
about some technical questions. 
Tuesday, talk with alarm system installers. Prepare for irregular Board
Get instrument tray in to sterilization 

Jessica Lemler, Administrative Associate/Webmaster
This week has been a short week due to Thanksgiving. I have been working on my
articles for the Fourth Quarter of our magazine, minutes for Tuesday's Board
meeting, and the usual correspondence. I was glad to receive the laptop,
donated by Dr. Lemler and Mrs. Lemler-- I was able to take more thorough
minutes, and my hand didn't cramp during the Board meeting! It has also made
the writing of the minutes easier for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful

Dr. Jerry Lemler, President, CEO
Please forgive the brevity of this report, for although it's true Alcor never
rests, I have given our in-house staff a short Thanksgiving break. Paula and I
will be hosting several of our employees for a turkey feast at our home, while
others are headed to Judy and Mark Muhlestein's Tucson residence.
This week has been highlighted by Tuesday's teleconference, establishing a
suspension review committee. The project we have outlined will be accomplished
in sequential phases: fact-finding, recommendations, and staff and consultant
training, to ultimately lead to an improved and more reliable cryotransport
I wish everyone a happy holiday, and easy on the tryptophan loading!

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