X-Message-Number: 17997
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:15:16 EST
Subject: Missed Merkle...

John Greg:

Regarding the this week's interview with Dr. Ralph Merkle, you write in part:

"...Art wanted to bring up all the scary possibilities of future nanotech.  
Merkle would bring things back to a positive note.  I liked how Merkle could 
sidestep and put a positive spin on things.  He is an adept speaker/debater. 
Art even commented on this several times in a sly way. lol ..."

Thanks for the accounting.  I missed hearing this interview.  Do you know if 
it may still be assessable -- recorded or transcribed?  I have read Merkle 
before including in the CryoNet Archives.  I agree, he is good -- very lucid 
and understandable -- and no doubt, particularly clever.  It is good to have 
Dr. Merkle around.


D.C. Johnson

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