X-Message-Number: 17998
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:17:23 EST
Subject: Distinguished Public Service Award

Keith Henson:

Interesting info recently regarding Sci*ntology -- you will excuse the "star" 
I am sure.  I read a TIME Magazine cover story on this organization circa 
1993, I believe.  Wow. Odd, for some reason I can remember much of the 
article and the exact circumstances I read it (while not certain of the exact 
year).  Sunday morning in Nashville, TN, in my car, waiting for a particular 
restaurant to open.  I am relieved to see you are still around and kicking.  
A month or so ago I found and read some of the transcripts (1996) from your 
case(s) with them:

http://www2.thecia.net/users/rnewman/sci*ntology/henson/home.html (replace 
the "star")

I was checking out www.skeptic.com at the time -- at the suggestion of 
someone from this forum/digest, I decided to give Michael Shermer of 
'Skeptic' magazine "another chance" (from initial exposure to an article of 
his on cryonics I found unconvincing), and found the above link from 
somewhere on that site.

You are a brave man.  I am curious of how things may have since been 
"resolved."  Feel free to email, post, or better yet, to ignore.  I have a 
hard time understanding the attraction on the part of several actor 
celebrities for this organization.  I give you very high marks for 
distinguished public service.


D.C. Johnson

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