X-Message-Number: 17999
From: "Gary Tripp" <>
Subject: falun gong
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:25:45 -0500

In the news recently a Canadian citizen was arrested in China after
protesting against the detention of followers of falun gong (falun dafa) in
that country.  In my opinion this movement, which teaches that one can cure
illness by meditation or faith healing, is every bit as dangerous as the
perceived human rights violations in this matter.
I'm against state intervention in almost any matter but I do understand the
motives of the Chinese government.
Followers of falun gong apparently do not appreciate the great benefit that
science and technology can bring to the health of mankind.

I fully anticipate that as science advances to the point where we would be
required to redefine the boundary that delineates our humanity from our
technology,  there will be a backlash by the weak minds that are so
pervasive in our society. It is my expectation that this backlash will take
the form of religious or mystical belief systems.


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