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Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 21:53:16 -0800
From: Natasha Vita-More <>
Subject: CryoFeast 2001 - RSVP Please

For those of you who enjoy intriguing conversations, festive
environments, fun-filled laughter, delicious delectables,
and the comfort of home:


Cryonicists, Extropians and other Transhumanists, Futurists,
Life-Extension Activists, Technosavvy Dreamers and Those Who Dare
are all welcome to participate in the Gala CryoFeast 2001 Party.

While others may be a little behind the times in giving thanks for the
harvest; we cryonicists are giving thanks for the technologies that may
help us to live healthfully and indefinitely.

In honor of the Alcor Foundation -- which has been a head starter in
biostasis and which has ushered in a culture of superlongevity
enthusiasts, we are opening our doors for delicious potluck dinners and
high-spirited toasts! In the tradition of the Annual Alcor Foundation
Cryofeast party, the 6 locations will be celebrating superlongevity and
the overcoming of disease. This year's CryoFeasts are located in Southern
California, Northern California, Pacific Northwest, East Coast,
Southwest, and Southwest Coast. (Please see below for Co-Hosts and

The CryoFeast 2001 celebration reflects the thanksgiving sentiment by
thanking each of us, and all of us, who have been torch bearers in the
valiant effort to overcome disease and the effrontery of death. Each
person who supports the overthrowing of disease to replace it with
healthier, extended life is thanked for being in on the winning effort --
the effort of individuals who respect themselves and their lives enough
to fight for long life.



** West Coast - Southern California - Natasha Vita-More
Sunday December 2nd 2:00 - 7:00
4201 Via Marina J-69 Marina Del Rey CA 90292
310 306 3129 

** East Coast - Lisa Lock
Saturday December 1st 5:00 - until
Wilmington Delaware [location to be determined]

** Pacific Northwest Coast - Richard Gillmann
Saturday December 1st 2:00 - until
4150 - 187th Ave SE Issaquah WA 98027
425 641 5136  

** Southeast Coast - Shimon Horowitz
Sunday December 2nd 1:00 - 5:00
1343 Alamanda Drive    PortOrange FL 32129

** West Coast - Northern California - Tim Freeman Jane Zhu
Sunday December 2nd 4:00 - until
381 North Fernwood Circle Sunnyvale CA 94086

** Southwest - Phoenix Arizona - Judy Muhlestein Mark Muhlestein
[Date/Time/Location to be announced]

Schedule for Southern California (LA):

2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Pass The Ice Bucket! Join us and voice your own
insightful ideas about superlongevity for a 3-10 minute oratory and then
pass the ice bucket on to someone else. Be daring!  Bring some news
and/or controvery!  Bring a joke!  It's imprompu.

3:00 - 7:00-ish Eat, drink and be merry Pot Luck dinner. Bring your
favorite delicious dishes. Parking Lot is adjacent to our townhouse at
the corner of Via Marina and Marquesas, with signs up guiding you

Attractions: Books by Alcor members, videos, and more. And, for those of
you who would rather expand your brain than your belly, we have books
from some of our favorite authors.

I welcome all to attend my home in Los Angeles or other Co-Hosted
CryoFeasts honoring Alcor Life Extension Foundation. For more information
re Co-Hosted CryoFeasts 2001: contact me. For more information about
Alcor and cryonics, please visit Alcor's Web site:

Natasha Vita-More
"I'd rather be inebriated on a classic life than a 1996 classic Merlot."

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