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Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:33:15 EST
Subject: Oil supply and cryonics

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  You know, it is possible to obtain energy through the fission of uranium 
atoms. The US may run out of energy through its religious insistence on using 
chemical fuels (thus releasing hundreds of times MORE radiation into the 
environment; there's radium in coal), but there are plenty of countries out 
there that know how to build reactors. Many of them even reprocess their fuel 
rods instead of pretending that they are "waste", and a couple even use the 
1960s technologies that breed more fuel. And none of these nuclear energy 
sources release greenhouse gases.
  After the Earth's fission fuels are used up, there's always the helium-3 in 
the gas giants.
  The world isn't going to run out of energy for cryonics. But it may run out 
of freedom for cryonics.


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