X-Message-Number: 18048
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:42:06 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Terrorism

At the risk of further opening a can of worms and spending a lot of time to 
insufficient purpose, I thought it appropriate to make a few comments about 
recent postings on terrorism.

First, I'll say that this subject is relevant to cryonics, unfortunately, 
since it could determine whether the frozen stay frozen (among other 
things)--and I think most readers can see why well enough.

Second, the other day someone posted a quotation more or less criticizing 
the use of laser-guided bombs in a military action against terrorists, who 
in turn, by indications, bear responsibility of their own for inflicting 
heavy damage.

Third, someone else posted a critical reply saying, in effect, that the 
military action was called for and the laser-guided bombs were better than 
alternatives that would increase the risk for those taking the action.

Finally, the original poster came back with a counter-response.

My feeling is that, of course there are two sides to the terrorism issue 
(or more), as with many others. But in the main I support the attempts 
being made to counter the terrorists, who in this case are responsible (by 
indications) for the surprise attacks against the U.S. on September 11 
which killed thousands. The bombs are not simply "targeting civilians" as 
some seem trying to make you think, though, inevitably, some civilians have 
been hit. (Ironically, the laser guidance helps *reduce* these unwanted 
casualties.) And not all food relief shipments sent to the area of action, 
Afghanistan, fall either on land mines or on houses with people in them who 
thereby get killed or maimed--very few, probably, out of the total. I 
certainly deplore violence and killing, and I recognize that news media can 
transform this sort of thing into a spectacle of entertainment for many who 
sit comfortably far away, watching the tube and munching their favorite 
snacks. But, keeping things in perspective, I have to side with those 
representing the U.S. and its allies who are now trying to rid the world of 
the threat in question, Al Qaeda and the Taliban. At least I see what is 
being done as a lesser evil. I hope that the military action is soon 
brought to a conclusion, that we can redouble our constructive efforts to 
help the people of Afghanistan, and that we can also address other problems 
to reduce the threat of terrorism in the future.

Mike Perry

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