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Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 02:13:23 +1030
From: William Henderson <>
Subject: [Fwd: Ahem..consider?]

In relation to cryonics and the reanimation through a duplicate brain
the following excerpt from my book might be interesting (and throw more
coals on the fire):

We all know about Semyon Kirlian who "discovered a type of energy
structure infusing and surrounding the body of all living things in 1939
in Russia, after noticing its appearance around patients while
undergoing electro-therapy.  Kirlian and his wife then spent the next 25
years developing the technology with which to study this energy
Using Kirlian technology biophysicists and biochemists were then able to
study this energy structure using an electron microscope. In 1968
scientists in Russia officially announced the discovery of a new energy
system in all living things.  Biochemists say that this energy body is
 some sort of elementary plasma-like constellation made of ionised
particles  not a chaotic system, but a whole unified organism in
itself.   The scientists studying this energy body called it  bio-plasma
energy .
It was further discovered, under closer examination, that this
bio-plasma body had certain points of intense energy that corresponded
exactly to the 700 main points of the acupuncture chart.
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of medicine that has been used
for over four thousand years. It is a system of healing that is based on
the balancing of the energy forces in the body relating to the
fundamental forces of Yin and Yang. Acupuncture is increasingly being
used in the west, mainly as a form of anesthesia.  Due to developments
from the Kirlian s bio-plasma technology, electronic aids to accurately
mark acupuncture points are being used by medical laboratories around
the world to treat patients using acupuncture.  This is hard evidence
that the existence of the bio-plasma body is real and that it is
intimately related to our physical body. *
The bio-plasma body has been observed as  a whole unified organism in
itself , and as its correspondence with acupuncture has shown, the
bio-plasma body is connected with, and an extension of, the biological
body. It stands to reason that there must be something in the bio-plasma
body that has to do with the brain & nervous system of the biological
body. The bio-plasma body, in short, logically, should contain some
extension or alternative plane of consciousness to the brain.

Our brain forms neuronal patterns from our experience. In a similar way
it is likely that our bio-plasma  brain  would also form patterns from
our experience. Biochemists describe the bio-plasma as an organised
constellation, so we can see that the concept of pattern-formation fits
neatly into the bio-plasma.
 Let us, from this point on, for the sake of clarification, refer to the
bio-plasma  brain  with a more appropriate term, that is, the soul. The
integrity and existence of the bio-plasma would be dependent on
biological matter; that is: the bio-plasma would be a property of living
matter. The soul would be capable of a  higher  consciousness than the
brain because the soul s bio-plasmic structure is  lighter  or  freer 
than the structure of the brain (i.e. the bio-plasmic-structure is
already an energy system and thoughts [which are electrical energy] in
this system would be almost  instant  compared to the brain-structure
system in which energy has to find its way through matter).
Since the brain is quite capable of recording our experience and
permitting analytical thought, it follows that the soul would exist for
other purposes. Since the soul must have a purpose it could be that the
soul records the essence of experience and therefore the essence of
personality. The dictionary states essence as:  the characteristic or
intrinsic feature of a thing, which determines its identity; fundamental
nature. "  From 'The Science of Soulmates'.

So if this bio-plasma is a property of matter, and is organised in human
beings, and part of this organisation annexes our awareness, then one
would assume that this bioplasma stays with the brain and goes inactive
with the freezing of the physical brain. But what of a duplicate? Would
this animate the bio-plasma the same as the original. I am inclined to
think not, especially when considering some part of our 'feeling'
awareness may include other parts of the body (the spinal cord for
example) and associated bio-plasma.

I know you die-hard, hard line scientist are going to scoff at this
bio-plasma/soul notion, but I think the link with acupunture, which is
being USED in the west, is a good argument. Maybe worth at least keeping
an open mind for.
Live forever,
William Henderson.

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