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Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 03:54:12 +0900 (JST)
From: "Matthew S. Malek" <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #18043 - #18048

> if the United States had as a continuous policy always responded with
> violent and overpowering force to terrorism, these acts would have
> been stopped decades ago quite literally saving the lives of untold
> numbers and obviating the need of such responses as the Gulf War and
> the current conflict.

If the United States had a continuous policy of not aiding people like the
Taliban and Saddam Hussein on the road to power, these acts would have
been stopped decades ago, quite literally saving the lives of untold
numbers and obviating the need of such reponses as the Gulf War and the
current conflict.

Remember, the United States helped Saddam into power as an ally against
Iraq.  Similarly, it helped the Taliban to displace the Northern Alliance
in Afghanistan back in 1996... and created the terrorist training camps
that it now aims to destroy.  I believe that, according to the BBC
estimates, over twelve thousand terrorists were trained by the CIA (using
our US tax dollars) during the 1980s.

I'm afraid that the common view you espouse is somewhat naive, as it
overlooks a wide arena of terrorist actions that the US participates in,
both in the Middle East, Latin American, and otherwise.  Two examples were
just cited above.  The "School of the Americans", actions in Nigeria, and
the slaughter in Nicaragua are some more indications of US state-sponsored

> I personally feel that a single nuclear strike against one Afghanistan
> city on September 12th would have ended large scale worldwide
> terrorism on the spot for at least fifty years.  

Wow...  This is probably the most brutal and inhumane statement that I
have ever heard on this list.  Not only would such an act violate several
international laws and the Geneva Convention, but it displays an amazing
ignorance of nuclear warfare and international politics.

Ignoring that such an act could easily upset the delicate political
balance in neighboring nuclear-capable Pakistan, do you really understand
what happens when nuclear weapons are used?  I would _strongly_ suggest
that you visit Hiroshima, to see first hand what the lasting results of
such action is.  I _have_ been there, and I doubt that anyone who has, and
understands what nuclear warfare really is, could make such a suggestion.
Remember that in Hiroshima alone, the victims of sixty WTC disasters
perished.  And the atomic bomb was tiny compared to the hydrogen bombs
available today.

As an afterthought, if you believe so firmly in the need for death and
violent actions to solve such problems, why aren't you directly putting
your own life on the life for the war effort?

=>Long Life for All,

   Matthew S. Malek        |    "Judging by his outlandish attire, he's 
       |     some sort of free-thinking anarchist!"

	"When I saw the dead and dying Afghani children on TV, 
	 I felt a newly rediscovered sense of national security.
	 God Bless America."

				--Katie Sierra, 
				  West Virginian student suspended 
				  for expressing these words on a t-shirt
				  (in the so-called land of the free)

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