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Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 03:17:43 +1030
From: William Henderson <>
Subject: wow

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From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: Kirlian stuff

Thanks Charles for you calm response to this controversial subject.
Firstly I don't care what the images are: an electrical discharge,
bioplasma or whatever, I'm just interested in the results of some of the
experiments, being an open minded person and not throwing the baby out
with the bath water just because a subject has been brandished new age
or 'mystical clap trap': Gary (Message #18060 From: "trippgary"
<> Subject: mystical claptrap [Ahem..consider?]
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 12:59:25 -0500). I'm very much aware that science
is a religion and its fundamental adherents can be as fanatical as any
religious zealot seeing alternative ideas as blasphemy, 'burn those
heathens!', so I don't BELIEVE science or new age, but take them on
their merits. Although admiringly science has very high merits when
compared to alternative and fringe science ideas, but as I said, I'm not
a fanatical believer of either which gives me the freedom to be not
afraid to look in the nooks and crannies for truth. This, I think, is a
very enlightened way to be. What I'm interested in is the link between
Kirlian technology and acupuncture. I think there's something there. The
answer I'll probably get from the zealots is that acupuncture is
claptrap. But tell that to the thousands who have successfully used it
as an anaesthetic.
Finally, as many positive web sites can be found for  Kirlian tech as
negative ones, so simply quoting a negative one does not help, as an
example here's a positive one right back at ya.
Again, thanks Charles, for the way you replied. And no thanks to Gary.
William Henderson.

Research headed by Dr. Thelma Moss showed that cancerous tissue was
easily distinguished from healthy tissue by Kirlian photography.
    In one experiment one hundred healthy rats were distinguished from
100 rats who had cancerous tissues injected in their tails by the
dramatic difference in corona emanation from their tails.

    Detailed analysis of Kirlian pictures of various types of cancer
tissue as an aid in diagnosis: Compared to normal tissue, cancer tissue
from the stomach showed a micro diffused discharge pattern with fine
white or gray granular shadows. Researchers analyze the nature of the
discharge channels, their geometry, and energetics to elucidate tumor

    Dr. Loan Dumitrescu used Kirlian photography to screen 6000 Romanian
industrial workers for cancer. His method found 47 indications of
malignant tumors while conventional tests found 41.

    Sharp flashes of energy occur in stress situations- useful in
evaluating gravity of a patient's condition.

    Kirlian diagnosis can be done with a person as a whole or with their

    It can be used for registration of emotional condition; medical
diagnosis (especially cancer); monitoring effects of drug treatments on
a   person; monitoring effects of radiation treatments on a person.

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