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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 00:10:23 +1030
From: William Henderson <>
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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 11:49:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Re:  wow [William Henderson]

'I ve decided that I AM going to speak up every time I hear someone say
that science is a religion. It is most definitely NOT a religion.  In
fact, the more dedicated one becomes to the tenets of science, the less
dogmatic and fanatical one is likely to be....the argument you seem to
be making that the claims of scientists are no more valid than those of
the paranormalists'

Apologies Scott if I offended science. That was not my aim. I use the
term religion very loosely . And I certainly do not think science is as
immediately important as paranormalists , because science provides the
essentials for our well being and survival (and hopefully our
immortality), and because of this I firmly believe in science's ability
to achieve great things. I also see that New Age ideas get in the way of
good paranormal research being taken with at least some seriousness. You
just have to look at some of the Kirlian web sites to see the extend the
loony fringe has taken the original research. My comparison of science
with religion was to point out that there are certain tenets that
science, for good reason, will not stray from, for example it is not
interested in anything that is not repeatably testable. I once asked
Paul Davies if there could be a centre to the universe where something
like a continuos Big Bang is going on supplying the universe with
energy, he said, No, if there were  such a thing science would have
detected it. I then said what if it was very very far away? He then
replied that science would not be interested in the idea because they
could never test it and prove it one way or the other. To his credit,
after some thought, he later sent me a letter outlining the problems of
such as theory. My point is that if something doesn't fit into the
testability doctrine of science it is overlooked, for, I agree, damn
good reason: it is of no use to science. However there are some things
valuable to the human race that fall outside the interests of science,
but which science, never the less, tries to ridicule, claiming it does
not fall into its tenants there fore its blasfamy (loosely speaking).
The open mindedness I refer to is that science live and let live, and
maybe keep an open mind that there are things in our reality that are
legitimate for other kinds of researchers to look into. At this point I
am going to literally HANG MY BALLS OUT IN THE OPEN and admit to my own
repeated experience of the paranormal (perfectly normal for me), and
this is in telepathy. (I can feel the attack coming). Not so much in the
classic reading of the mind word for word, but this sometimes does
happen, but more of a knowing what another is thinking, or more so, a
sharing of their being that comes as a subjective knowing, but separate
none the less. I have completed a few 'testable' experiments with
friends (not set up, as these kind of abilities, if I can call them
that, seem prone to stage fright). They usually consist of number
'guessing'. I tell some one to think of a number between 1 and 10 and
I'll tell them the number. It works best if I concentrate just as they
think of the number, and it enters my mind as if I have thought of it
myself. My record is 92 consecutive correct numbers. It helps to do it
with someone who I have some sort of connection with as a person. Now
this example as with many things in the paranormal is difficult to set
up in a clinical type of experiment, because it is something that just
usually happens when you leave it alone, when you try to do it, it
flees. Have you ever tried too hard to do something and botch it?
    Now before you science types pounce on your keyboard and ridicule
the bejeses out of me, why not just accept these possibilities, and
accept the existence of the kind of research that can only deal with
such things.


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