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I've actually been skeptical of science courts for a long time. The hard
essence of science is that it is decided by the REAL WORLD, not by a court.
If someone wants to have a debate, then that would be a good thing. It
would of course stylize what happens now in an ongoing way.

Some people think of science courts as judging social issues. I do not think
I would cease to work for cryonics because a group of people calling themselves
a "court" decided that it was somehow socially harmful.

In any case: my suggestion would be, if you want to hold a "court",
to set it up separately (rather than as part of the ongoing message 
system you're running). See if people come. If they don't then the court
isn't popular (which may mean quite a number of things!). The REAL WORLD
			Thomas Donaldson

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