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Subject: Re: quercetin and PBA and the streams of income book.
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 11:32:09 -0000

> Scientists find that quercetin, a phytochemical found in apples, has even
> stronger anticancer activity than vitamin C.
> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2002/01/020123075403.htm

A month's supply is slightly over $12 to members of the LEF. It is likely to
be available from a wide range of vitamin suppliers.

<from the Ananova forward>
> The drug is called 4-phenylbutyrate (PBA) and has
> already been approved in the US for treating
> cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia.

I wonder whether any lifespan or ageing data can be extracted from the
records of these patients, or whether their illness would mask this totally.

 I seem to recall that there is a lot of debate about methylation with
substances such as aminoguanidine and so on, but as always there are
drawbacks once one considers the details.

With regards to Robert G. Allen's book, _Multiple Streams of Income_., why
not read the reviews on Amazon.com?
It seems to me that many people reading this list are already aware of the
basic ideas which are most likely to be expressed in this book, but some
critics go on to say that much of it is promoting the author's own network
marketing ideas. It has been my own experience with network marketing that
either one the following happens.

1. the scheme flops
2. it is a roaring success and the originators sell it or close it and take
a runner with their profits after a couple of years. Those left in soon see
their income stream collapse, those who joined later in the life of the
program loose their time, effort and money.

However doing a project that results in a continuing stream of income rather
than getting paid for a one-off job is good advice, but you still need
talent and ability and energy and time to achieve all of this. Writing books
or software is an example - you get an income stream as a result of the
projects you undertake. Selling life insurance is another. At least in the
UK, probably elsewhere, the agent gets so much a year for every active
policy so each sale isn't just a commission of two or three years' premiums
but also an ongoing (although much smaller) income stream. Also in the UK
people selling pooled investments, such as unit trusts, receive a similar
(but smaller) income stream. An example of the other is maintaining people's
computers - each time you do a job you get paid for it, sure, but that is
that. Similarly with selling most physical objects. Once you have sold one,
you get a profit, but you have to sell another to another person if you want
more profit.

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