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Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 02:37:22 -0800
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: Sounds like great fun, but would it really work??

Since Mark Plus recommended a book on immortality, I thought I would add to the 

"Ancient Lovemaking Secrets -The Journey Toward Immortality"

Sex AND immortality!  What a combination!! lol  


Taken from the Amazon site:
Editorial Reviews
Book Description 

Ancient Lovemaking Secrets -The Journey Toward Immortality. Ancient Chinese 
lovemaking wisdom was for many centuries kept secret from all but the very 
privileged few. James McNeil became the unexpected heir to this coveted 
knowledge which can be traced directly back to Huang-Ti the Yellow Emperor (2698
BC), when during his quest for advanced Kung-Fu training in Taiwan he was 
personally chosen and trained by the Taoist masters who were his teachers. Mr. 
McNeil will share his extraordinary experience and show how men and women can 
learn to fully engage and develop the senses with which they are endowed to make
sex and life itself more beautiful and fulfilling than ever thought possible. 
Learn some simple and practical techniques that will enlighten you to discover 
new dimensions in sexual experience and enable you to harness sexual energy to 
improve overall health and immunity, increase longevity, reduce stress, improve 
physical and mental functioning and, of course, enhance plea
sure for both you and your partner during lovemaking (without Viagra) 

It did say these methods increase longevity...  This is definitely a book to be 
in every cryonicists library!

best wishes,

John ; )

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