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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 02:14:42 EST
Subject: Ettinger and Halperin and Freeman and others....

I would just like to comment about the incredible change on this forum 
recently... that the two major organizations are now discussion a Cryonics 
summit, and also, even more significantly, the James Swayze fund that Robert 
Ettinger started with a large donation... and MIke Perry and the Venturists 
are helping to organize and make donations more beneficial to the donors.

I was always afraid that the future might be made up of solipsistic 
narcissistic intellects, but again the "father of Cryonics" has made perhaps 
the second most important contribution to the movement.  His charity, and 
that of the others that are following his example, will only strengthen the 
cryonics movement, and also ensure that people its good to have around will 
be able to make it to the future, and regain an equal footing with everyone 
through advanced medicine and technology.  Who knows what contributions James 
Swayze or someone like him might someday make? 

The example that Robert Ettinger has set will change the face of the future.  
First, he definitively defines the possibility of defeating death, and then 
he defines a moral course for the future.

Not bad for one guy. 

I know that there must be enough funding in place to sustain a suspendee, and 
that's why the donations to help those less fortunate are so important.  But, 
its also equally true that no one will get to the future alone.  We all have 
to help each other, in myriad ways, or no one will make it.

Mike Donahue

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