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Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 23:28:35 -0800
From: James Bryan Swayze <>
Subject: Thanks to James Halperin and Kennita Watson
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> Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 10:42:03 EST
> Subject: Halperin, Swayze
> James Halperin, whom most of you know as the author of THE FIRST IMMORTAL and
> THE TRUTH MACHINE, has made a second generous donation to the James Swayze
> Fund through the Society for Venturism. He doesn't seek publicity, but
> permits it as a possible help in raising more of the needed money. Many
> thanks again, Jim.

Many many thanks again Jim. I love both your books. Could there be another 

maybe? I try to get everyone I can to read at least "The First Immortal". It 

got me fired up. I so very much hope the rumors of a mini series or movie are 

so more will get fired up as well. Some days I reflect upon the winding trail 

got me here and that will (I feel by now I can say will rather than might--we 
are so

much closer now it seems) save my life and transport me to a relatively pain 

and mobile future, and am simply astounded. I wonder how is it all possible... 

me... am I dreaming? The how is easy, it's you and everyone else here. I won't 

be able to answer the why, that's in the hands of each of you. I just hope I'm 

dreaming. If someone volunteers to pinch me just make sure it's where I can 
hehe. Well humor aside thanks again Jim and thanks to all making it possible.


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> Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 20:01:43 -0800
> From: Kennita Watson <>
> Subject: James' leg troubles

> A catalog I get contains "anti embolism stockings"; it seems
> something like that could help with blood pooling in your
> legs.

<snipped but saved>

> Sounds good to me -- am I in the right ballpark?  If you searched
> you might be able to find them cheaper, and you might be able to
> get a prescription for them, making them either insurance-coverable
> or tax-deductible.

Thanks Kennita for your thoughtfulness and time spent. Unfortunately I haven't 

able to wear these kinds of stockings, at least the type I used to, in many 

Perhaps I should, and I will, see if they've been improved. However, the problem

that my blood and also lymph circulatory condition in my lower limbs is so poor 

my skin suffers the least insult way too easily and then takes a long time to 

The problem with these kinds of stockings is that they exert a constant pressure

squeeze the leg. My problem with them is the constant pressure ends up causing a
pressure area dicubitis sore wherever there is a prominence.

> On the other items you mention:  I think even rocking back and
> forth and side to side in your chair could help a little with
> the recirculation and muscle contraction.

Well rocking back and forth is not really possible for me. You see my bone 

that started soon after injury and sometimes plagues tall athletically active 

year old males with spinal injuries, called Hetero Trophic Ossification--Atopic 

Growth, has fused my hips so that I cannot move my hip joints and pelvis at all.
legs are frozen in place and my knees cannot come together or apart, absolutely

solidly frozen in place. You may recall the surgery I had two years ago to 
remove a

piece of this abnormal bone that had bridged my femur and fibia and tibia across

right knee making articulation of that knee impossible. I am told I am written 
of in

Orthopedic journals because I am supposed to have the worst case of HO they know

Someone else surpassed me bfor a while but ended their own life putting me back 

the top... such a place of honor to be. Not! Any upper body rocking stops at the
sacrum [sp?] which the bending of is the only thing that allows me to sit up
straight though with some discomfort.

For these reasons, and the fact they make it not possible for me to lift myself 
pushing down upon the arm rests for a weight shift, I have been given a special

wheelchair that "tilts in space" and reclines. It cost a whopping $25,000.00 but
course Medicare only paid $19,000.00 making my vendor eat their profits. These

tilting and reclining actions are meant to lift my legs and shift my weight from

legs and bottom to my back but it still doesn't quite get my legs high enough to

level with my heart. There also is the social issue of people wondering what may

wrong when they see some guy reclined flat out in a wheelchair in public and I 
get questioned so I tend not to just do it any old where.

>  And a blanket,
> especially an electric one, could help keep your blood warm, or
> help you get over chills in bed.

I have an idea from yours here. Maybe electric socks. Hmmm, but I can't feel so 

there's any chance of them getting too hot I could have worse problems. Some 

ago I invented a stocking capable of squeezing and releasing sequentially along 

leg to coax blood upward or in some other application in any direction needed. 

problem is I don't have the clout to get some special material I need nor the 

to make a prototype and certainly not enough to patent the thing. Several of our

group have seen my drawing of my idea and felt it had promise but alas everyone 
their own projects and or issues to deal with. I still have a standing offer to
share fifty/fifty with anyone interested in making it real. The market would be

anyone with circulatory issues, medical trauma, and the Air Force for an active 
immediately responsive anti-G suit. The stockings could fit under the current
pneumatic pressure anti-G suits and continue to coax more blood to the brain to
prevent blackout.

As you can see I have many issues to consider. I wish it all were simpler. 

again though for trying and I will look anyway and see if changes have been made

the available stockings. While I'm thanking, Kennita, thanks again also for your
contribution to my fund.

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