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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 06:26:06 EST
Subject: Re: CryoNet #18432 - #18435

regarding Message #18416 Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 from: Thomas Donaldson
Re Donaldson argument that existing service providers will not be overtaken 
by new more commercially oriented and profit-driven organizations, I can only 
say that his views fly in the face of economic history and theory and 
particularly the most recent history of semiconductors, microprocessors and 
the internet which have become dominant features of contemporary economic 
life.  I have studied these phenomena for nearly 40 years and I can say with 
some assurance that none of the inventors or early developers of any of these 
technologies ended up being either a big winner economically or a major 
player after diffusion reached critical mass.  It is also true, of course, 
that the traditional economic powers in related technical fields were not big 
winners, either.  General Electric, AT&T and IBM were the titans of 
electronics in the post war period, the equivalent of the major funeraL 
director organizations today, and while it is true that none of them became 
industrial leaders in the new waves of technology in the 1980's and 90's, 
ceding prominence to the likes of AOL and Microsoft, they didn't do too badly 
either.  As Donaldson says, none of us can predict the future with much 
accuracy, but I think the likelihood of either ALCOR or CI ending up as a 
major player 50 years from now is between slim and none.  This is not, as 
some might infer, to slight the efforts of either of these two organizations. 
 They have done a magnificent job to actually tool up to provide services for 
those of us who are way ahead of the popular curve AND DYING NOW.  We can't 
wait for the big surge when our idea's time will have 
really come, as the saying goes.  That's why I'm signed up.  I fervently 
bless and support their efforts, and I respect the dedication and clear 
purpose they have shown under less than ideal circumstances. In fact I depend 
on them, realizing that as a 67 year old person my chances of riding the 
popular wave of an unspecified future are also slim to none.  But I also beg 
for realism and foresight and a cooperative spirit from the respected leaders 
of the two organizations.

I will respond to Bob Ettinger's comments and what I feel is the need for a 
strong organization of a different kind [somewhat mislabled as an 'umbrella' 
organization] in a subsequent post.  Sincerely and in the hope of survival 
for all of us,  Ronald Havelock, CI member, currently reporting from the 
paradise of Hawaii where most cryonicists will choose to live upon revival.

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