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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Re: CryoNet #18436 - #18440
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 12:33:48 -0800

In Message #18436 from:  again expressed concerns over what
he foresees to be inevitable "takeovers" by large companies of the current
cryonics organizations.

When cryonics becomes much more popular it will be because more people want
it. (Maxim of the First Church of Tautology: It is because it is). I can
understand the concerns expressed that large organizations could "take over"
but if they fail to deliver, they, too, will be dropped.

For example, despite all the complaining about Microsoft I may make, I use
their software (even as I type this note).  Big business is not necessarily
bad business.  If Microsoft stopped producing useful stuff, I'd use a Mac.
If AT&T takes over cryonics and they goof up too much, CI and ALCOR or other
groups will rise to fill the quality gap.

I expect that the future will see more diversification not less, anyway.
THAT trend is also is supported by historical analysis by a number of
futurists like Toffler, for example.

And on the less serious subject of everyone wanting to live in Hawaii...

While most of the humans on this planet seem to worship sweltering weather
conditions (I have a theory that those of you most recently down from the
African trees evolutionary-wise still like hot weather and simply haven't
evolved enough yet), you will not see me willingly enduring the sweat pools
of the world until and unless my internal climate control makes such issues

You can keep Hawaii and enjoy it!  All the more room in the cooler more
civilized parts of the universe for me!

Just my ornery opinion,

George Smith
CI member

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