X-Message-Number: 18448
From: "Igor Artyuhov" <>
Subject: Cryonics and Nanomedicine on Russian TV
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 13:53:06 +0300

A popular health-oriented TV program "Bez Recepta" ("Without Prescription")
on a NTV channel will broadcast a feature on Cryonics and Nanomedicine.
It will take place at 09:20 Moscow time, February 2nd, 2002.
It will include a short discussion between the presenter, Dr. Brand and me.
Due to the specific of the program I was told to speak in a "housewife -
oriented" style, so an educated cryonicist will hardly find any new
Nevertheless, I'm trying to awake some interest in cryonics and immortalism.

Igor Artyuhov.

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