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From: "J. Hughes" <>
Subject: News of the World Transhumanist Association
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 20:37:05 -0500

Dear Friends in the Transhumanist Movement,

I'm writing about recent developments in the World Transhumanist
Association. The WTA was founded in 1998. Since that time it has
established a website, written the Transhumanist FAQ and Declaration,
coordinated the translation of basic transhumanist documents into a
dozen languages, and helped organize four Transvision conferences.
The WTA has also created the Journal of Evolution and Technology
("JET" formerly the Journal of Transhumanism).

In late 2001 steps were finally taken to formalize the organizational
structure of the WTA, and move our work to the next stage. We have
elected an interim Board of Directors
[http://www.transhumanism.org/board.htm] and are working on an
exciting agenda. Publications Director Mark Walker has taken charge
of JET which is now growing quickly with submissions from leading
academics and scholars.
We have started a new e-magazine, Transhumanity, to publish
news and views of the transhumanist movement. We will be outlining
and publishing a series of articles on transhumanist approaches to
important issues and controversies of our times. WTA's Chair, Nick
Bostrom, will be building our speakers bureau and media presence.

We are reaching out to a wide variety of transhumanists to build a
movement as inclusive and representative as possible. We are reaching
out to the transhumanists all over the world who have expressed a
desire to organize local transhumanist groups and activities. We are
planning to hold another Transvision conference in the next year or
two. And that's just the beginning.

Why are we so urgent about the transhumanist cause? Because the
battle for a better future is being waged in the legislatures, in the
academy and in the media. In that battle there are well-organized
forces saying "Human beings should stop playing God" and "These new
technologies are too scary and dangerous to permit any research at
all." People are disabled and dying unnecessarily
all over the world because of Luddite efforts to stem the tide of
human progress. But there is no audible voice saying
"Human beings can become more than we are today,
and we should be given the chance!" A well-organized and visible
WTA is essential if we are to advance transhumanism in the
marketplace of ideas.

Join us now in this next phase of our work to ensure a transhuman
future. Dues to become a full member in the WTA are $25 U.S. for
employed people in the developed world, and $10 U.S. for students,
the unemployed, the retired and people in the developing world,
checks payable to: "WTA," 72 Van Reipen Ave, PMB 255, Jersey City,
NJ 07306-2806 USA.

When you join, please include your physical address and indicate
which email address will be your primary address with us, as we are
also experimenting with groundbreaking forms of on-line democracy. Full
members will be subscribed (if they wish) to the wtahall list at
yahoogroups, and your email address is your voter card. Important WTA
matters, such as the election of the Board of Directors, will be
discussed and decided in the wtahall list. The election of the first
Board (replacing the current interim Board) will take place some time
before summer. (All full members are eligible to serve on the Board.
Contact us if you are interested in running for a spot on the Board.)

Full membership will also entitle you to discounts at the Transvision
conferences and other benefits as we grow. And you will be materially
supporting the growth of the transhumanist movement.

Organizations can become official affiliates or chapters of the WTA
by joining as basic or full organizational members. For more
information on organizational membership and affiliation see

If you are currently not sure about committing to full membership,
you can stay in touch with the WTA as a basic member by staying
signed up with wta-announce [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wta-
announce] for official WTA announcements, occasional bulletins about
our work, and mailings of our e-magazine. We'll be moving our mailing
list there shortly.

As a basic member you may also participate in the growing and diverse
transhumanist community of ideas by joining the new WTA discussion
list, wta-talk [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wta-talk/]. We want wta-
talk to be a place where transhumanists of a broad range of
backgrounds and orientations can share their views. This list will be
strongly moderated to maintain focus and appropriate standards of

Many of you have skills that we would like to tap in the work ahead.
Writers should consider writing for our Journal of Evolution and
Technology and for our magazine Transhumanity. Web masters should consider
links back to the WTA, and adding their websites to (WTA Board
member) Ziana Astralos's Extrotech transhumanist webring

Activists and organizers should take a look at the growing list of WTA
chapters and chapters-in-formation
[http://www.transhumanism.org/groups.htm]. If there is a chapter near
you, get involved; if there is no chapter, start one. Get the
transhumanists in your area together for a social event, or organize
a discussion group [see http://www.transhumanism.org/resources/ for a
handy study group syllabus prepared by Chair Nick Bostrom). Let us
know about your efforts and we will add you to the chapter webpage,
assist you, and put reports in our magazine.

We look forward to working with you in the struggle for a brighter


The WTA Board of Directors

Chair         Nick Bostrom Ph.D.
Vice-Chair    Eugene Leitl M.S.
Secretary     James Hughes Ph.D.
Treasurer     Mike Treder
Pub. Director Mark Walker Ph.D.
              Ziana Astralos
              David Pearce
              Anders Sandberg M.S.
              Eliezer Yudkowsky

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