X-Message-Number: 18473
From: "Toby Christensen" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 17:30:11 +0800
Subject: Transhumanism vs what cryonics was invented for.

Hello all,

As you all may, or may not know, I have cerebral palsy, Non-Verbal Learning 
Disorder and depression, as well as myopia.

I  look to cryonics as a way of ensuring I can live a life as laid down by my 
genes, not by circumstances beyond my control,  as was what happened when I was 

All this talk of superhumanism is lost on a person who can't drive, tie his 
shoelaces, concentrate very well, kick a ball etc. and I'm sure other disabled 
people would agree with me.

Cryonics is the practise of suspending a person until medical technology can 
revive them and repair their ailments, not a gateway to some weird 
transcendental world where we all move planets with our thought impulses or 

If people continue to entertain dizziness inducing fantasies of godlike ability,
then they detract from the spirit of what cryonics is about: healing the 

If pipedreams about playing God are entertained, they  do nothing to get 
cryonics to impaired people and you end up with a plutocracy. 


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