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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 11:09:40 EST
Subject: Re: transhumanism vs. what God intended Cryonics for

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>I  look to cryonics as a way of ensuring I can live a life as laid down by 
my genes, not by circumstances beyond my control,  as was what happened when 
I was born.

  Toby: genes ARE circumstances. My genes don't make me as smart as 
Archimedes or as coordinated as Oksana Baiul. The same people who don't want 
genetic engineering used to fix my problem (aging, stupidity, annoyingly 
impolite posts to Cryonet etc.) don' t want to fix your problems either. For 
that matter, a lot of them don't think we should use vaccines because it 
makes our population "out of balance" with the other DNA molecules on this 
planet. They think being human is going too far, because being human REQUIRES 
the use of technology. No human can survive just on their genes; they need 
fire, flint tools, etc. The best human athlete is worthless against a 
wolfpack or a smallpox virus. Humanity implies transhumanity.


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