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Apostle predicts own death - God says not yet
Cecil Pearce 

A Reformed Apostolic Church leader who believed his death was imminent as 
predicted by a dream his daughter had, and had planned his funeral for midday on
January 28, did not die as he planned. 

Devout apostle and former local builder Freddie Isaacs (58) planned his funeral 
to the last detail, bought a coffin and hired a hall for mourners. 

Isaacs, who is respected among church members, left his fellow congregants 
stupefied by the public announcement of his pending death. At the time of going 
to press Isaacs was weak from fasting but still breathing. His grave of nine 
feet has also been dug and hundreds of mourners streamed into Cradock for the 

The Karoo region's police spokesperson Captain Erris Claassen told City Press if
Isaacs had to die, he will not be buried as arranged by the other apostles, as 
his death must first be investigated. 

"A doctor would have to declare him dead and that information must be sent to 
the department of home affairs before a death certificate can be issued," he 

Claassen said only when the family was in possession of the death certificate 
would the funeral take place, and because the department's offices were closed 
during the weekend , it was unlikely the burial will go ahead. 

The two grave diggers at Cradock cemetery said they were worried they would have
to bury Isaacs alive as they were also shocked by the bizarre arrangement. 

Before making the prediction and embarking on a fast last week, Isaacs is said 
to have been in an excellent condition physically as testified by his doctor. 
Morose friends and relatives in the small town waited for days outside the 
apostle's home as he was dressed in a white suit lying on his back in bed ready 
"to go home to meet his Maker". 

"I'm sick and tired of Christianity because of its sectarianism. 

"There is no God and Jesus Christ but only the Apostle," he is said to have told
those already mourning his death. 

A spokesperson of the church, Eddy de Lange, told City Press on Wednesday at 
Isaacs' house his prediction was sparked by a dream last September. 

"One of Isaacs's daughters, who is also a prophet of the church, had a dream 
that her father had to go home. This dream was written in a book where all other
dreams are stored and later discussed with the apostles. After the dream was 
discussed we prayed and Isaacs agreed with us his time has come and his work on 
earth has been completed." 

Isaacs' wife, Sheila, said she and their nine children were heartbroken about 
his prediction, but is now relieved he hasn't in fact died. 

"My tears have now turned into happiness," she said. 


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