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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 07:16:25 EST
Subject: Pulse computing

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Pulsed computing.

Quantum computer using entangled quantum states have a tremendous potential 
power. In a single computation round, a 813 bits word can simulate the entire 
observable Universe for ten billions of year. Entangled states are very 
unstable and so last for very few time. The record at room temperature is 
near one microsecond. This seems very short, but with a clock in the giga 
hertz range may be one thousand computing cycles could be processed.

    The true problem is to implement a computer architecture in such a fast 
disintegrating medium. I think a solution would be to use the automaton idea, 
a self reproducing machine. This is the basis of the nanotech dream. Up to 
now, self reproducing system have only been implemented in very special 
chemical "soups" and in abstract mathematical spaces, such the one used in 
the Conway's life game. Using teleportation, life game becomes a realistic 
model in a bose-Einstein condensate, the basic element of an entangled 

    Life automatons have been loaded with extra elements,  a single qbit 
quantum computer could be such a load. (see for example the May or June 2001 
Scientific American issue, sorry, I have not the copy at hand...). A 
Bose-Einstein state overing a microchip may be sculpted into a complex system 
by the electro-magnetic field produced by the chip.

    The recipe is then as follow: Define an automation of the life game kind 
with a load. Define that load as an one bit quantum computer. Float that into 
a Bose-Einstein condensate over the chip. Teleport the self reproducing 
automaton in a large Bose-Einstein condensate. Here, hundreds of copies will 
be produced, each with a one bit computer. Because the surrounding material 
is in a superposition state, the whole system will work as a single computer 
with many bits. If there is 1 000 automatons in the condensate, we will have 
a 1000 qbits word quantum computer This is more than one billion of billions 
time the power request for the simulation of the entire Universe at classical 

    When  the large Bose - Einstein condensate is destroyed, the original one 
above the chip remains ( If it is a cold one, it can endure here 
indefinitely) It may then form a link with the next pulse of  large 
condensate. It is a small computer linked to two big ones and the entire 
system works as a single device. So is the strange property of the entangled 
quantum world. With two pulses you have not two 1000 bits word computers, you 
have a single one with 2 000 bits. . A single device could produce may be up 
to one thousand pulses per second...

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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