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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 00:24:07 EST
Subject: Southeast CryoFeast Announcement, Correction

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Dear Fellow Future Enthusiasts,

This is Rudi Hoffman writing from Daytona.  Our FIRST EVER CryoFeast in the 
Southeast is fast approaching, this Sunday the 10th in Orlando area.  I 
wanted to confirm attendees, and make some suggestions for you to think about 

which we can discuss.

I have reproduced one of my earlier announcements here:

Hello Dear Fellow Visionaries and Cryonicists!

Rudi Hoffman with directions and info on the coming CryoFeast!

DATE:  February 10, a Sunday...coming up quick, make plans TODAY!
Time:  2:00 to maybe 6:00 
Agenda: 2:00 to 3:00 Eat, drink, and be merry.  Please bring food or drink 
          3:00 to 5:00 Join us for a cryonics meeting.  We'll go around the 
room and you voice your own creative and insightful ideas about cryonics for 
a 3-10 minute oratory.  And hopefully get some important questions answered.  

PLUS, we will have FRESH and NEW information about Florida based Cryonics 

LOCATION:  Shimon Horowitz home. 1343 Alamanda Drive, Port Orange, FL 32129.
From Interstate 4 in Orlando, take exit 50 (Home).
Go West to second entrance, which is Home Blvd. Enter, tell the guard you 
are going to Horowitz home at 1343 Alamanda. The 5th stopsign, about 1.5 miles 
(3 kliks), you take a right on Briarcliff.   Then immediate right on Chatfield
.  Next left is Alamanda Drive.  If you get lost, call Rudi's cell phone 
at 386-235-7834 (fun-cel-rudi).   

Attendance is shaping up with the following confirms.  I have included emails 

so we can network with each other over time.
rudi hoffman        guest Dawn Hoffman
jerry lemler       
randall bollig      
harvey newstrom    
ron ferster          plus guest
lionel vogt         
anthony francis  

There may be others, and we're sure to get cancellations, but this is a GREAT 

START for the SOUTHEAST.  You are going to like these people a lot! 

There is a SECOND Cryonics meeting in SOUTH Florida on the 16th, sponsored by 

Bill Falloon.  Please don't be confused.  Email me for details on this one, 
which I will also be attending.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!  
Questions?  Call Rudi at 800-749-3773.

Yours for Centuries,

Rudi Hoffman

IMPORTANT:  There is a CORRECTION in these directions from the last 
announcement, shown in italics above.

Questions we will be considering at meeting include, 
1.  What personal and local arrangements have you made to improve your odds 
of getting a timely suspension?

2.  If an electronic device that would monitor your heartbeat and location 
were available, would you be interested?
       What would we be willing to pay for such a device?

3.  Lionel Vogt is bringing some technology he has been working on to 
accomplish more seamless cooldowns in the 
field.  He will have some of this technology with him when he comes from 
Atlanta.  But he is interested in finding another engineering type to be the 
point person on development.  How about you?

4.  How can we develop more effective cryonics and futurist oriented groups?  

Your next door neighbor could be a  "closet cryonicist", and you would not 
know this.  What can we do about this?

5.  What can YOU do that will potentially save your life and the lives of 
your loved ones?

Rudi Hoffman
Member Financial Planner's Association, Certified Planner
Member ALCOR Life Extension Foundation
Member Libertarian Party    
Member National Rifle Association
Member Extropy Foundation
Board Member Port Orange Chamber of Commerce
Board Member Daytona Salvation Army


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