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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 09:34:02 EST
Subject: Re: More rats

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From Rober Ettinger's brain:

> I don't think Mr. Bozzonetti has addressed my point. The exponential growth 
> (if it persists) will apply much more to the computers than to the 
> organisms. 
> If one human starts out with one self-replicating, self-improving computer 
> to 
> which he is linked, then (maybe) after a while he is the "head" or the 
> conscious part of a zillion super-computers. If, at a later time, a hundred 
> rats start out linked to a hundred relatively simple computers, I don't see 
> how they could ever catch up. (Remember, the hundred base-line computers 
> will 
> be largely duplicating each other's efforts, not multiplying them.)

I understand what you said here. On the other hand, I don't think the problem 
is man vs rat or anyone other species.When computer-brain links will be 
common, any species will use the same technology. You have said it before: at 
that level, any species with a brain link to a computer will be seen as 
"people". Small biologial part will be interesting because they have more 
possibilities, space settlement is an example: It would be too costly with 
human or whales, it is a definitive possibility with rats, lizards or small 

An advanced civilization may want to have a large population, said one 
trillion members at the same time. This is possible only if each "member" has 
a low ecological impact. It is definitively unworkable with man.

Today, we can produce 100 millions computers a year, it would be difficult to 
say the last to produce one computer 100 millions time more poverful. Given 
some technological level, the power in one computer is rather narowly 
defined, the nomber produced is not. So here is indeed an edger for 
biological species able to match the computer production scale.

To sumarize, I would say there is two opinions, one, call it Bob, is that at 
scale of some centuries, the world will be rulled by man, the other, call it 
Yvan is that it will rulled by a blend of many species, most of them in the 
small size rage. Today, we have no way to know what tomorow hold in store. 
Simply, as cryonics interested person, we may the only living people having 
to tacke with these issues someday. We must know that the world may be vastly 
different of what we see today.
Yvan Bozzonetti.


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