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Subject: Heading Home
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TO: Kevin

To all on the cryonet:

     After 3 months in California at Alcor, I'm heading back to Indiana and
my girlfriend, Angalee Shepherd.  I'm leaving Riverside on Sunday, June
10, and should be back in Indianapolis on the 16th.  Try not to overload
my mailbox with messages for a few days, since I may only have one chance
to check E-mail before I arrive home.

     That also means I won't be able to relay E-mail messages to Alcor
staff, so it's back to snail mail for all of you.  Unless we can someday
persuade Alcor to get on-line themselves.  Mind you, this won't be easy.
Someone actually has to get on line and monitor the messages, which is
one more task for people who are already working 12 hours a day.  I have
discovered that the 6 people they have are doing twice the work of a normal
6 people, but that is still less than half of the work that needs to be
done.  They are dedicated, though.  If any of you in the Southern California
area would like to volunteer for envelope stuffing, floor mopping, or other
tasks, Alcor would be appreciative.  They are also happy to sign up new
members (young, healthy ones especially welcome.  We like our friends to
live for many decades).  Donations are even welcome.

     DONATIONS CORRECTION:  I was wrong about how to send money for Thomas
Donaldson's Legal Defense Fund [msg #177].  You may send tax-deductible checks
to Alcor for that fund.  Just put something like "TD Defense" on the "note"
line of your check.  CEL can accept the donations also, but they won't be

     Send contributions to: Alcor Life Extension Foundation, 12327 Doherty 
Street, Riverside CA 92503.  Phone 1-800-367-2228 for a free information 
pack. Out of USA, call 714-736-1703.

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