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It is far easier than most people think to start following the science
literature for themselves.  Hence many people can become knowledgeable 
enough to make their own decision, without relying on "experts".  Even if
not, for one reason or another (extreme isolation from libraries, or 
the push to solve current problems) I don't think the problem of choice
can be resolved simply by creating or finding a consensus among "experts".
You must make the choice, regardless.  Most people who have lived a 
certain length of time come to realize that "expert consensus" is 
usually a sign that they're all wrong and something quite different is
coming down the road, rather soon.

If YOU have to make your choices, then you may as well cease trying to
find consensus among experts.  Listen to their speeches, certainly --
you'll probably find them much more instructive if they DON'T agree!  And
then YOU must make your choice.  They can only choose for themselves.

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