X-Message-Number: 19
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Sun. Oct. 30 conference
Date: 20 Sep 1988

Program of Sun. Oct. 30 Life Against Death Conference

A one-day version of the Life Against Death conference will be held at the
Holiday Inn (not Marriott) near LaGuardia Airport, NYC on Sun. Oct. 30, 1988.
Registration before Oct. 20 costs $10. for members of ALCOR or the Life
Extension Foundation and $20. for nonmembers.  Registration on Oct. 30 costs
$20. for members and $30. for nonmembers.  You can register for the conference
by calling the Life Extension Foundation at 1-800-841-LIFE.  Rooms at the
Holiday Inn can be reserved by calling 1-718-898-1225.  (Unfortunately, no
group rates are available, presumably since this is just a one-day conference.)

The program will be:

9 AM - 9:50 AM, How to Live Longer and Look Younger, Carmen Fusco, RN
10:20 AM - 11:10 AM, Advances in Suspended Animation Research, Mike Darwin
11:10 AM - noon, Nanotechnology - Implications for Life Extension,
	Christopher Fry
2 - 3 PM, Cryonic Suspension - How It Can Save Your Life, Mike Darwin
3 - 5 PM, Signing Up for Cryonic Suspension, Saul Kent
	[ This session should include Saul Kent's model will/trust document. ]
7 - 8 PM, Investing in Life Extension, Saul Kent
8 - 9 PM, Life Extension Video (British documentary on life extension and
9 - 11 PM, My Personal Story (selected people describe their involvement
	in cryonics)

The Venturists will also have a booth where you can buy cryonics-related
T-Shirts, bumper stickers, etc.  (I may be helping to man this booth.)

                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

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