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From: "mike99" <>
Subject: RE: The Personal Identity Game -OR- Who needs a soul?
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 12:22:09 -0600

I played this game (http://www.philosophers.co.uk/games/identity.htm) but
was unhappy with the "soul" question because it was logically inconsistent.

First, the soul was described as being immaterial. Then it was described as
being "mortal" if subjected to very low temperatures. This makes no sense.

Finally, if some sort of soul-entity as described in this game (a)
contributes less to a person than do genetics and environment, which is what
the game text says, and (b) if a person can exist without possessing a
reincarnated (or as one might say, a "previously owned" soul) which the game
also says, then: Who needs a soul?

Michael LaTorra

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