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From: "Joseph W. Morgan" <>
Subject: Speed of Light
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 06:48:54 -0700

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In Cryonet 19124, George Smith stated: "But WHICH speed of light, to begin with?
Since this "absolute" required a democratic vote to assign it a number and 
that the actual measurements of the speed of light vary, there are some serious 
issues with this belief. Despite its current popularity there are evidently some
very real problems surfacing with relativity theory (and, no, I tend to confuse
which is which, "special" versus general")."

The idea that a democratic vote was taken to assign the speed of light a number 
is absurd and indicates a lack of understanding of both physics and the 
scientific method.

The speed of light in vacuum (c = 3*10^8 m/sec) is a constant of fundamental 
importance in physics. The speed of light is measured. The results do not vary 
within experimental error. It can also be derived from other physical 
relationships.  The theoretical predictions and the experimental measurements 
match.  There are no "serious issues" involved regarding the speed of light.  It
is proven both theoretically and experimentally.  

Joseph W. Morgan


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