X-Message-Number: 19132
From: "T Pizer" <>
Subject: Can we become immortal?
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 18:52:48 -0500

Can we become immortal?

I don't think we can completely answer that yet, but I also don't think
that we can conclude that it is impossible, either.

I think most of us on this forum understand that there are ways that we
probably can become biologically immortal - figure a way that our body does
not age and die from old age or disease.  That might mean altering our body
or moving the essence of selfness into some new type of body, or a little of
both combined.

But then there is still the chance or accident or the universe coming to
an end.......  I believe it quite reasonable to think that if we humans live
another 1000 years or so, we will begin to manipulate large structures like
solar systems and galaxies.    Later we will manipulate galaxies clusters if
necessary or beneficial.   If it turns out the universe is infinite there
will be strategies for immortalism, and if it turns out the universe is
finite, we probably will be able to manipulate it forever.

David Pizer

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