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 --- "The Singer Ron.Trumble" <>
   T   G> I have traveled all over the world, now live
> Hawaii. I want to agree
> with something you said. I do believe that alot of
> people  who are
> members of a cryonics org, like me, love adventure
> and would like to own
> a condo. on Mars!
> Believe it or not, I'm a religious man, too,
> Catholic to be exact. I
> also have an equal belief in science.  It's like the
> song says of love
> and marriage,  "you can't have one without the
> other."
> I'm a regular guy who signed up and we're the one's
> you need to find.  
> Just keep the scientific information flowing.  Build
> it and they will
> come.....
> A long and prosperous life to those who  desire it. 
> Aloha,
> Ronald Trumble      Alcor Member

I think so, too. Because I am one of the sci-tech
types, but also the "normal" adventure type. I lived
in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia) for the past 10
years up until last summer. Now, I am trying to get
funding for a business which will be based in the U.S.
but will, hopefully, take me back to Asia alot.

From a marketing standpoint, the difference between
the sci-tech types and the adventurer, expat types is
that the latter are more skeptical of the promise of
"Drexlerian nanotech" and need to be convinced that
the cryopreservation technique does, in fact, preserve
the neurological consituents of memory, since
stem-cell developments, along with some other
near-term technologies, does make a compelling case
for regeneration (and rejuvenation). 

The thing is that I have a much more biological focus
about cryonics and immortality than the Drexlerian
people. For example, I still do not believe in "dry"
nanotechnology. However, I think that "wet" nanotech,
biotech or synthetic bio-memetic systems, or whatever
you want to call it; is going to be able to do far
more than what the Drexlerian people think. But, it
will not lead to a univeral assembler. 

Alcor has more women involved these days and they seem
to have a more grounded attitude about the kinds of
technologies that we're really going to have in the
next 20-30 years, and leave all of the dreamy stuff to
the Drexlerian crowd. I am working with one of them
(Karla Steen) to establish a genetic banking business
for humans and pets. Karla also happens to be the
marketing person for Alcor these days.

You should subscribe to Thomas Donaldson's newsletter
called "Periastron". It is very good and very
biologically focused, compared to anything you hear
from the Drexlerian crowd. 

As for religion, I have friends and associates of
probably every major religion on the planet (I don't
know any Mormons or Jews) and most of the minor ones
as well (don't know anyone into Voudoun, however). So
religion pretty much comes with the territory. The
Muslims seem to be a bit feisty these days.

Anyways, what are you doing in Hawaii and which island
do you live on? I hear it's bleeding expensive to live
there and that taxes are high. My wife is Japanese
and, of course, she would like to live in Hawaii.

Best Regards,


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