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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: On Constants and ad hominem
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 11:34:30 -0700

As my posting yesterday resulted in private email responses which (sigh)
included the usual dismissal of evidence on the basis of WHO said it rather
than WHAT was said (ad hominem - attack the person and not the argument), I
would ask those who are the least concerned with mindless dogma being
substituted for serious science on the issue of constants such as the speed
of light to review chapter six of the book "Seven Experiments That Could
Change The World" (ISBN 1-57322-014-0) by Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge
University, whose scientific credentials are impeccable.

You may also read more in regard to the underlying issues at
www.sheldrake.org .

A substantial and satisfactory number of references, charts and in depth
discussion regarding the entire issue of "constants" in science is presented
as well as a suggested experiment in regard to "G", the gravitational

Dogmatic "science" is the product of short lived people who care more about
their being "right" than the truth.  If we indeed aspire to take a longer
perspective, evidence must not be ignored even if it is inconvenient to our
current belief systems.

If we expect to see serious breakthroughs in the future (which cryonics will
require to finally succeed) we must be willing to not substitute belief in
popular dogma today for examining evidence as it is, like it or not.

I do not favor "creationists" nor "mainstream physicists" nor any other

I favor the facts.

Just my opinion,

George Smith
CI member and Immortalist

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