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Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 01:09:08 EDT
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This posts outlines the conceptual mechanics of how Suspended Animation (I 
included "preserved" mammalian organs, for instance, in my chosen definition 
of the term) will be realized this century or this decade:

Without rehashing previous posts (of mine and of others') on the subject, 
except to "remind" that the complexity / difficulty of successful "freezing" 
and "thawing" is understood to have a direct relationship to increasing mass 
of specimens (e.g., whereby the adult nematode, which is about the size of 
the "period" at the end of this sentence, is the "current limit" for fully 
autonomous organisms), here is how it will be done (or, at least one way):

The "key" "ingredient" (while perhaps less than obvious, or not) for the 
physical processes / apparatus, both "on the way down and the way back up," 
will quite literally be the *heating* of the more external portions of the 
specimen, as well as the selective heating -- based on "regional" molecular / 
cellular / extracellular / tissue density and composition -- of more internal 
"portions" of the specimen -- all the while the specimen is being cooled (and 
later, "rewarmed") to the chose / strategic temperature.

That's it!

(In its overly concise, overly summarized and simplified form.)

Note with respect to Newbies:
Cryonics is not dependent on such crude processes. 

Note with much respect to several Nonewbies:
As you know, that which is, and perhaps has been, more than obvious to you, 
has not necessarily been obvious to me; I openly acknowledge and appreciate 
the fact that this "revelation" may be "original" only to me.


DC Johnson

PS.  The cover photo of the most recent edition of "The Immortalist" is no 
less than priceless -- good job, Andy!

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