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Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 09:28:16 EDT
Subject: "coiled" dimensions

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As many others have done, Thomas Donaldson wrote in part:

> >You have to add
> >more dimensions to the Universe for these ideas to work,
> >however. These dimensions exist, but with such high curvature
> >that basically they wind around to themselves without becoming
> >so obviously significant as the 3 we generally experience.
> Like most others, while I can easily analogize "extra dimensions" as extra 
> coordinates or variables in a mathematical system, I am baffled as to any 
> intuitive vision of extra dimensions. That aside, it annoys me to encounter 
> the repeated allusions to "coiled" dimensions etc.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, Thomas, but I don't think you can coil a 
> dimension, and I don't think dimensions can have size. You might coil a 
> physical system IN a dimension, or a physical system might have very little 
> extension in a particular dimension, or a physical system might have 
> curvature in a dimension, but the dimension itself cannot have size or 
> curvature.
> Robert Ettinger
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